Contact & Map

Vadrózsa Panzió

Address: Vadrózsa utca 5, Szentendre H-2000, Magyarország

Telephone: +36 26 314-849

Telephone (Mobile): +36 20 23-777-77

Telephone (Mobile): +36 20 77-888-33


GPS: 47.6914496 N 19.0688298 W


The Vadrózsa pension is situated 25km away from the center of Budapest, and 10km from the outskirts of it. It is easy to approach it by car on the main road no. 11, or by the HÉV (local train) and the local bus from the HÉV to the Pismány hill. The sightseeing places around are all easily accessible by car or by the local buses. The city of Szentendre is accessible in ten minutes by bus, and from there boat trips are available on the Danube, towards Budapest, Visegrád or Esztergom.